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H+ – Full HD Web Series     H+ – Full HD Web Series H+ imagines a world that seems more believable every day: The Internet is implanted inside of the brain of every member of society, creating a global hive mind. The events kick off with a virus having infiltrated the system. While H+ shows us a nightmarish version of the future, the series itself might be a hopeful look into an exciting prospects for fresh media programming. Read more ► Bite Me – Full HD Web Series     Bite Me – Full HD Web Series Three die-hard gamers find themselves in the middle of the zombie apocalypse and realize they have to use their gaming chops to survive, rescue their friends, and ultimately save the world. If a Zombie outbreak happened today, would you notice right away? These guys wouldn’t. Meet Jeff, Mike and Greg — three friends who are about to become the protectors of mankind in the war versus the undead. But first they’ve got some stuff to do, neighbors to flirt with and video game zombies to kill. Get ready to meet your saviors. Read more ► Coogan Auto – Full Web Series     Coogan Auto – Full Web Series Written and directed by Rob Riggle, Riggle stars as Jerry Coogan, the head of a wacky auto dealership, with JB Smoove, Horatio Sanz, and Alison Becker playing his employees. Coogan Auto was produced by Ben Silverman’s studio Electus and Principato-Young Entertainment. Read more ► Game Over – Full Web Series – NSFW     Game Over – Full Web Series – NSFW Get ready to experience action from a whole new point of view in Game Over. This nine-part series puts you in the middle of adrenaline-packed scenes, featuring non-stop action and frequent twists and turns. In every episode, you— the viewer—will play a different character: A bomb technician. A sniper. A drug smuggler. And more. Each episode is a new experience that places you in such locations as the desert, a government laboratory, and a Russian submarine. No two episodes are the same, but they will all get your heart racing. Shot from first-person perspective, every story will play out before your eyes like a live-action video game; only this time, there is no making it to the next level. Death is coming, heads up. It’s Game Over. Read more ► The Guild – Series 1 to 6 Super HD Playlist     The Guild – Series 1 to 6 Super HD Playlist Cyd Sherman’s online gaming addiction brings more than she bargains for… The conversation about web series begins with Felicia Day and The Guild. Now in its sixth season, The Guild has tapped into the world of gamers for maximum comedic value. Day was one of the first breakout web series stars, and her rags-to-riches story has inspired scores of creators to grab a DSLR and create their own shows. After scraping together the scratch to make three episodes out of pocket, Day never had to self-finance The Guild again. Initially, the series was supported by donations, then it was financed by a series of sponsors. Today, it’s a part of Geek and Sundry, Day’s own gaming-centric YouTube channel. Day truly embodies the best aspects of Internet fame: She’s become a female nerd icon and a web mogul by honestly connecting with a passionate fan base. And it all started with The Guild. Read more ► Riley Rewind – Full HD Web Series     Riley Rewind – Full HD Web Series A high school time traveler must stop a bomb from destroying her school. Written by Anna Akana; Directed by Ray William Johnson. Read more ► The Morning After – Full Web Series     The Morning After – Full Web Series Comprised entirely of conversations that take place on “the morning after”, the series offers a refreshing and occasionally hilarious take on the twentysomething dating scene. The Morning After has his and her series, fronted by Thomas Middlemitch and Alison Becker respectively. Read more ► The Adventures of Kim Jong Un     The Adventures of Kim Jong Un A leaked North Korean cartoon presenting the totally true triumphs of the totally not pudgy Great Leader. 😀 Read more ►