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Sony Reveals The Price and Release Date for PlayStation VR – HD Announcement Trailers     Sony Reveals The Price and Release Date for PlayStation VR – HD Announcement Trailers Along with revealing the price point of their Virtual Reality headset in the video above, Sony have released three other videos in the playlist above revealing some of the stunning PlayStation VR launch titles and features of the device. PlayStation VR will be released worldwide in October 2016 at $399 / €399 / £349. Discover a new world of unexpected gaming experiences with PlayStation VR. Redefine your expectations of immersion in gaming with moments so intense your intuition takes over. Step into incredible virtual worlds and overcome new challenges in extraordinary ways. Greatness Awaits with PlayStation VR. Games Come First With gamers in mind, PlayStation delivers a new world of unexpected gaming experiences through PlayStation VR. Play some of the most highly anticipated titles of 2016 on PS VR including an all-new Star Wars™Battlefront™ gaming experience and games like PlayStation VR Worlds, Golem, and RIGS Mechanized Combat League. Just Plug and Play Getting into PlayStation VR couldn’t be easier. Just plug the PlayStation VR headset and your PlayStation Camera* into your PlayStation 4 system*. You’re ready to go. Advanced VR Display The feeling of ‘being there’ starts with what you see. Seamless visuals keep you connected to the virtual world through an expansive 5.7” OLED 1080p display running at up to 120 frames per second. Industry Leading Design The PlayStation VR headset was engineered to be balanced, comfortable, and completely adjustable. It’s designed to feel like it’s not there – keeping you free from distraction as you explore new gaming worlds. Move With Purpose The LEDs around the PlayStation VR headset, on the DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller, and the PlayStation Move motion controller are tracked by the PlayStation Camera, providing an incredibly precise capture of your natural movement in virtual space. 3D Audio Technology 3D Audio with PlayStation VR means that you’ll be able to pinpoint sounds above, below, and all around you. Instinctively turn your head to the source of a single footstep and be able to judge its distance, just as you would in real life. Read more ► The Razer Blade Stealth & Razer Core – Meet the Ultimate Ultrabook – HD Trailer     The Razer Blade Stealth & Razer Core – Meet the Ultimate Ultrabook – HD Trailer The Razer Blade Stealth defines ultra-mobility and performance. A phenomenally stunning 12.5” Ultra-HD touchscreen, the 6th-Gen Intel Core i7-6500U processor, PCIe SSD, 8GB dual-channel memory and Chroma powered keyboard – all housed in the now-iconic super-sleek aluminum body. Fuse it with the new Razer Core graphics desktop enclosure and demolish the gaming desktop – laptop debate for good. RAZER BLADE STEALTH The Razer Blade Stealth Ultrabook sets the new standard for ultra-mobility and extreme performance. The incredibly thin 0.52” CNC aluminum chassis encases an Intel Core i7 processor, and the most visually stunning 12.5” high-resolution touch display. DEMAND MORE FROM LESS Slice through your daily tasks with the insanely thin Razer Blade Stealth. At only 0.52” thin and 2.75lbs, the Razer Blade Stealth is extremely portable, making it the ultimate Ultrabook. POWER THROUGH YOUR DAY The Razer Blade Stealth’s highly durable chassis is CNC-milled out of aircraft grade aluminum. The ultra-sleek finish and thin form factor adapts perfectly to any situation. Together with up to 8 hours of battery life, you’ll be able to play casual games on the train and power through your daily work. 12.5” UHD AND QHD TOUCHSCREENS The 12.5” Razer Blade Stealth’s breathtaking display is available in two high resolutions: Ultra HD at 3840 x 2160 pixels and Quad HD at 2560 x 1440 pixels. Both IGZO (Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide) displays are touch-enabled with wide viewing angles and high-color saturation to provide unmatched color and image quality. CREATIVE PERFECTION Experience amazing color saturation with the UHD display featuring 100% Adobe RGB color space coverage. Images are bright and clearly visible with wide viewing angles of up to 170°. Whether editing content or sharing a presentation, the Razer Blade Stealth was designed for ultimate visual clarity. 6TH GEN INTEL CORE i7 PROCESSOR With the Razer Blade Stealth’s extremely thin and light design, you’d never guess it holds all that power. The 6th Gen Intel Core i7-6500U processor gives the Razer Blade Stealth 2.5GHz of processing power and Turbo Boost speeds up to 3.1GHz. Push even more pixels with the Intel HD Graphics 520 for smooth visuals. The Razer Blade Stealth also packs up to 512GB of PCIe solid-state storage and 8GB of fast dual-channel memory, allowing you to boot quicker and launch applications faster than ever before. 16.8 MILLION COLORS PER KEY Featuring the world’s first individually backlit RGB keyboard, your Razer Blade Stealth gives you access to 16.8 million color options powered by Razer Chroma. This anti-ghosting keyboard registers simultaneous key presses with precision, providing a quick and comfortable typing experience. With Razer Synapse, you can easily remap your keys, create macros, and personalize your own lighting effects, then use inter-device sync with your other Chroma enabled devices, for a setup that is as unique as your style. THUNDERBOLT 3 The Thunderbolt 3 technology in Razer Blade Stealth brings Thunderbolt to USB-C at speeds up to 40 Gbps, creating one compact port that does it all. With the ability to connect to USB, Display Port, PCI Express, and Thunderbolt devices it is the most versatile connection available. A single cable now provides four times the data and twice the video bandwidth of any other cable, all while also supplying power to the notebook. Whether you’re gaming or editing 4K video with plug and play external desktop graphics, you can now transform the Blade Stealth into a true desktop experience. RAZER CORE For extreme performance, the Blade Stealth fuses seamlessly with the Razer Core via Thunderbolt 3, delivering external desktop graphics and expanded connectivity. EXTERNAL DESKTOP GRAPHICS The Razer Core is the world’s first true plug and play Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) external graphics enclosure, allowing you to transform your notebook into a desktop gaming experience. Featuring plug and play support with compatible graphics cards, you won’t need to reboot your system every time you connect your Razer Blade Stealth to Razer Core. Connect to the future with the most advanced and versatile external desktop graphics solution available. GPU SUPPORT Easily upgrade or customize your preferred level of performance with support for full-length, double-wide PCIe desktop graphics cards (sold separately) for a level of performance that fits your play style. ULTRABOOK UNLEASHED With the ability to connect gaming peripherals to Razer Core’s additional I/O ports, you can easily transform your Razer Blade Stealth into a full gaming setup. Complete with 4 USB 3.0 ports and Ethernet, the Razer Core makes it incredibly easy for you to connect all your devices. By using a single USB-C connection to your notebook, this stellar graphics dock provides you with both data transfer and notebook charging without any hassle. MORE EFFECTS WITH CHROMA Apart from delivering awe-inspiring on-screen effects, your Razer Core also comes with Chroma. Personalize your very own unique psychedelic lighting effects then sync with other Chroma enabled devices for a truly spectacular gaming experience. WORK OR PLAY Now, there is no longer a need for you to juggle two separate PCs and switch between your Ultrabook and desktop. Your Razer Core provides you with the boost in power and performance that you need to keep working and gaming. Read more ► Halo 5: Guardians – Limited Edition Wireless Controllers – HD Reveal Trailer     Halo 5: Guardians – Limited Edition Wireless Controllers – HD Reveal Trailer Gear up for the next evolution of Halo combat. Own the Limited Edition Halo 5: Guardians controllers featuring the signature accents, laser-etched designs, and a bonus REQ Pack including the Dauntless or Resolute visor. An unstoppable force threatens the galaxy, and the Master Chief is missing. An epic story and two new multiplayer modes mark the greatest evolution in Halo history. Campaign An intense new story on a galactic scale: Play as the Master Chief and Spartan Locke as the hunt plays out across three new worlds. Warzone New, massive-scale multiplayer mode that supports 24-player battles with both friendly and enemy AI dropping in. It’s nonstop action when you confront Spartans, Covenant, and Forerunners while trying to complete a variety of objectives. Co-Op Your team is your weapon: Choose how to achieve objectives while playing solo with AI teammates or with friends in a 4-player cooperative experience using your Xbox Live 14-day Gold trial. Halo: The Fall of Reach An animated adaptation of the beloved Eric Nylund novel of the same name, and in many ways the origin story of the Master Chief and Blue Team. Told in three connected acts, the high-quality animated production is included with the Digital Deluxe Edition, Limited Edition and Limited Collector’s Edition of Halo 5: Guardians and can be viewed via The Halo Channel with the launch of the game on October 27, 2015. Read more ► Razer Introduces Wildcat Gaming Controller for Xbox One – HD Reveal Trailer     Razer Introduces Wildcat Gaming Controller for Xbox One – HD Reveal Trailer Dominate with game-changing advantage with the Razer Wildcat Tournament Grade Controller for Xbox One. The new Razer Wildcat is built on a legacy left by award-winning controllers like the Razer Sabertooth, and is the result of continuously working with eSports athletes and gamers worldwide. Sporting a new ergonomic shape, the Razer Wildcat is the lightest tournament-grade controller in its class. With reinforced high carbon steel analog stick shafts and removable aircraft-grade aluminium triggers, the durable Wildcat is designed to outlast and outplay the competition. Read more ► YouTube Gaming Is Here – But Is It Any Good?     YouTube Gaming Is Here – But Is It Any Good? YouTube Gaming is a great reminder of everything YouTube already does in terms of hosting prerecorded and live-streaming video. This, however, is a dedicated hub for all things gaming-related on YouTube and although live-stream viewership is extremely low right now compared to major rival Twitch, it’s actually a very fast and easy-to-use service. With it’s mixture of live-streaming and pre-recorded content, this new interface may confuse some new visitors expecting a direct clone of Twitch’s live-stream-only channels. However, this simplified Netflix-style system brilliantly categorises content, providing dedicated mini-hubs for all games, each featuring pre-recorded videos from the community, live-streams, reviews, let’s-plays and official trailers directly from the developers, all separated into different categories. It’s very early days for YouTube Gaming but it looks like Google have learned from past mistakes and have put together a very nice and easy-to-use package for us gamers. Whether it will be able to catch up to the popularity of Twitch remains to be seen, and it has a very long way to go in order to do so. Features YouTube Gaming keeps you connected to a world of gamers with the broadest mix of videos and live streams – all designed around games and gaming channels. With it you can explore more than 25,000 titles, hone your skills, and take part in the deepest gaming culture online. Featuring videos and live streams with chat — including let’s plays, reviews, speedruns, trailers, and more from your favorite gamers and publishers — you can explore the games you care about more deeply than ever before. With videos covering Minecraft, Grand Theft Auto, League of Legends, Call of Duty, Garry’s Mod, and tens of thousands more, it’s all on YouTube Gaming. Note that you may encounter mature content in YouTube Gaming. VIDEOS AND LIVE STREAMS ALL IN ONE PLACE Watch videos from more than 25,000 games Experience live streams while chatting with other gamers Get recommended videos based on games you love A DESIGN BUILT FOR GAMERS Browse dedicated pages for every game, as well as publisher and gamer channels Explore categories from reviews to let’s plays, machinima, eSports, and more Favorite your games and channels for updates and easy access THE BIGGEST GAMING COMMUNITY Receive live stream notifications to keep up with the action Join a community of publishers and gamers over 100 million strong Tune in to live streams of events like E3, PAX, and Gamescom Read more ► Microsoft Takes Aim At Controller Modders With Their New Xbox Elite Wireless Controller – HD Announcement Trailer     Microsoft Takes Aim At Controller Modders With Their New Xbox Elite Wireless Controller – HD Announcement Trailer Controller modders such as Scuf Gaming created a new industry with their modified Xbox 360 controllers used by both professional and aspiring professional gamers around the world. However, Scuf just got a rude awakening from Microsoft who have revealed the new Xbox Elite Wireless Controller, which looks as though it could be even better and have more features than the Scuf counterpart. Get pro-level precision with the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller, featuring an arsenal of swappable components, Hair Trigger Locks, and limitless customization. Choose from a variety of thumbsticks, D-pads, and paddles for a tailored feel that provides game-changing accuracy and speed. Read more ► Oculus Rift – Step Into The Rift – Final Product Design HD Reveal Trailer     Oculus Rift – Step Into The Rift – Final Product Design HD Reveal Trailer Introducing the Oculus Rift! The Rift delivers on the promise of consumer virtual reality and next-generation VR gaming. Step into the Rift The Rift is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Whether you’re stepping into your favorite game, watching an immersive VR movie, jumping to a destination on the other side of the world, or just spending time with friends in VR, you’ll feel like you’re really there. Seeing is believing The Rift uses state of the art displays and optics designed specifically for VR. Its high refresh rate and low-persistence display work together with its custom optics system to provide incredible visual fidelity and an immersive, wide field of view. The magic of presence The Rift’s advanced display technology combined with its precise, low-latency constellation tracking system enables the sensation of presence – the feeling as though you’re actually there. The magic of presence changes everything. You’ve never experienced immersion like this. Advanced and refined design From the moment you pick up the Rift, you’ll feel and see the attention to detail that went into its design and construction. Customizable, comfortable, adaptable, and beautiful, the Rift is technology and design as remarkable as the experiences it enables. Read more ► Valve’s Introduction to the Steam Controller – HD Trailer     Valve’s Introduction to the Steam Controller – HD Trailer Experience a new level of precise control for your favorite games. The Steam Controller lets you play your entire collection of Steam games on your TV—even the ones designed without controller support in mind. The Steam Controller is an innovative input device that allows you to play games from all genres, including traditional gamepad-style games as well as games usually reserved for play with a mouse and keyboard. The Controllers are wireless and completely configurable. About This Hardware Experience a new level of precise control for your favorite games. The Steam Controller lets you play your entire collection of Steam games on your TV—even the ones designed without controller support in mind. The Steam Controller features dual trackpads, HD haptic feedback, dual-stage triggers, back grip buttons, and fully-customizable control schemes. Find your favorite mappings in the Steam Community, or create and share your own. A different kind of gamepad Valve have improved upon the resolution and fidelity of input that’s possible with traditional gamepads. Built with high-precision input technologies and focused on low-latency, wireless performance, the Steam controller enables you to experience your games in powerful new ways. Dual trackpads The Steam Controller’s dual trackpads enable the high-fidelity input required for precise PC gaming in the living room. Allowing for 1:1 absolute position input via virtual controls like a trackball, adaptive centering joystick, or steering wheel, these surfaces can be programmed to serve up whatever a game needs. HD haptics Haptic force actuators on both sides of the controller deliver precise, high fidelity vibrations measured in microseconds. Feel the spin of a virtual trackball, the click of a scroll wheel, or the shot of a rifle. Every input, from the triggers to the trackpads, can offer haptic feedback to your fingertips, delivering vital, high-bandwidth, tactile feedback about speed, boundaries, thresholds, textures, or actions. Dual-stage triggers With a satisfying digital click at the end of the trigger pull, dual-stage triggers can be used as analog, digital, or both types of input at the same time. Put your iron-sights on the sweep-in, and then fire with the reliable feel of a tactile switch, all on the same trigger. Ergonomic control Each of the Steam Controller’s input zones and buttons has been positioned based on frequency of use, required precision, and ergonomic comfort. Read more ► Introducing the Lily Camera     Introducing the Lily Camera Lily is the world’s first throw-and-shoot camera. It lets anyone create cinematic footage previously reserved for professional filmmakers. Lily is waterproof, ultra-portable, and shoots stunning HD pictures and videos. Read more ► Razer Blade Pro Gaming Laptop 2015 – Designed For Play, Engineered For Work     Razer Blade Pro Gaming Laptop 2015 – Designed For Play, Engineered For Work The new Razer Blade Pro is Designed For Play and Engineered For Work. Armed with the all-new NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M GPU with 4GB GDDR5 VRAM, the latest Intel Core i7-4720HQ, and now, with a dual storage of an SSD up to 512 GB and a HDD of up to 1 TB – the new Razer Blade offers extreme power and space not just for gaming, but also for serious work. Featuring a 17.3-inch full-HD matte anti-glare display and the innovative Switchblade User Interface all packed into the iconic slim aluminum body, the Razer Blade pro is the ultimate gaming machine and the perfect workhorse. Read more ► Alienware Area-51 – High-Performance Desktop Gaming – HD Trailer     Alienware Area-51 – High-Performance Desktop Gaming – HD Trailer You’ve never quite seen anything like this. It is more than an iconic design. It’s a perfect convergence of power and thoughtful engineering. We reimagined this system from the inside out, and focused in making it more usable, upgradable, and accessible without any tools. It’s an engineering marvel and a completely new experience that performs true to our legacy of excellence. Forget everything you know – this is the new Alienware Area-51. With unprecedented gaming power and iconic, innovative design, the new Alienware Area-51 is the next evolution of high-performance desktop gaming. A legacy of excellence takes shape. You demand the best systems on Earth. Ever since our inception, Alienware has strived to deliver incredible gaming performance without sacrifice. You’ve never seen anything like the Alienware Area-51. It is more than an iconic design. It’s a perfect convergence of power and design beauty. We reimagined this system from the inside out, and built it without compromises. It is an engineering marvel and a completely new experience that performs true to our legacy of excellence. Read more ► Unreal Engine 4     Unreal Engine 4 Is Free! Watch This Stunning HD Open World Cinematic Tech Demo At GDC 2015, Epic Games Founder and CEO Tim Sweeney revealed that Unreal Engine 4 is now free. Free for games, free for VR, free for architecture, free for film, free for education. That’s right – they’re completely and very generously ditching the monthly fee and will only be requiring 5% of any profits made from any game made with the engine once it reaches over $3000 in sales. The kite cinematic above is completely created in Unreal Engine 4, featuring a diverse and beautifully realized 100 square mile landscape. Everything you see was generated in real-time by Unreal Engine 4 at 30fps and includes fully dynamic lighting, cinematic post effects and procedurally placed trees and foliage. Read more ►