Splatoon Update – New Stage Piranha Pit and Ancho-V Games

Platforms: Wii U
Genres: Action, Third-Person Shooter

Piranha Pit and Ancho-V Games, are both on the way to Splatoon!

Go ahead… Make a MESS
Splatter enemies and claim your turf as an ink-blasting Inkling in Nintendo’s ultimate mess-fest!

Inkin’ awesome online battles

  • Challenge players online in chaotic 4-on-4 turf wars and unleash squid powers to ink your way to victory. May the best mess win.
  • See where you’ve splattered—and what to cover next—on the Wii U GamePad controller’s screen.
  • Transform into a squid to hide in your own ink, climb up walls, and move more quickly.
  • Use ink blasters, ink bombs, ink rollers, and squid power to cover the most territory.
  • Take on the evil octopus army in single-player mode. Splatter octopi, solve ink puzzles, and beat bosses!
  • Customize your Inkling with different weapons and gear, complete with unique gameplay perks.
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