Super Mario Maker – Create Levels In The Styles of Four Classic Super Mario Bros Titles – HD Japanese Trailer

Platforms: Wii U
Genres: Platform

The latest Japanese trailer for Super Mario Maker shows us how we can create our own unique levels across four generations of classic Super Mario Bros titles! 😀

The fun never stops
Looking for a brand new experience every time you play? In Super Mario Maker, you can play a near-limitless number of new levels created by players around the world.

Dream it. Make it.
Whether it’s a flying Piranha Plant or Hammer Bros. riding on Bowser, Super Mario Maker lets you bring your wildest game ideas to life using the Wii U GamePad like you’re simply sketching out your ideas on paper!

Spread the fun
Want to show off your level building skills? Upload and share your courses with fellow Mario fans across the globe.

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