Destiny: Remote Play Hands-on Guide – HD Trailer

Platforms: PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Xbox 360, Xbox ONE
Genres: Action, First-Person Shooter, MMO

Knowing I only had a limited amount of time to play the Destiny Alpha and Beta I set up Remote Play so that I could play my PS4 at home by connecting to it with my PS Vita at work. To my amazement it worked extremely well!

It looks like the guys at Sony noticed a few of us doing this and they’ve created the video above to let everyone know how to set it up.

One of the things we noticed during the week of the Destiny Beta was that a lot of PS4 owners were streaming Destiny to their PS Vitas via Remote Play. In fact, Destiny was the No. 1 title for Remote Play during the entire month of July, racking up the most Remote Play sessions of any PS4 title.
– Sid Shuman, Senior Social Media Manager at Sony PlayStation

I know I’m going to be sneaking in a lot of Destiny game time during my lunch hours. 😀

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