Asphalt Overdrive – CGI Trailer

Platforms: Android, iOS
Genres: Racing

It looks like Gameloft have taken serious cues from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City with their overhaul of the brilliant Asphalt racing series, and by no means do I see that as a bad thing!

If you ever enjoyed the Burnout racing games you’ll know what to expect from the Asphalt series and with this new version set in the 80s with that gorgeous over-the-top fluro aesthetic and epic 80s music, this could be the definitive version for me. 🙂

Asphalt Overdrive

Discover the award-winning Asphalt series’ first spinoff with Asphalt Overdrive, an intense experience packed to go! Outrun the cops in an exciting game set in a “new ’80s” version of California.

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